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About Bärlinunterwegs

Thomas König startet Bärlinunterwegs in 2008. His goal was it not to build yet another bus company, but one who not only try to reach competence and reliability but rather do it every single day. And, thanks to modern technology and a well-rehearsed team, he is doing exactly that. If you want to get your employees from the office to an event location, picking up your guests from the airport, or getting your students on a class trip. We have a wide range of vehicles, so we will find the one which is right for you.

Our Vehicles

We repair and service our Vehicles in our own garage, to make sure that their not only fulfil the standards set by law, but that they reach our standards, which are much higher. Our mechanics making sure that every vehicle is at the best, before it reaches you, and our cleaning crew guarantees that you will feel comfortable in every vehicle in our fleet.

Our Drivers

All our drivers have long years of experience. But we still send them to safety training, to make sure that they stay sharp and reliable. We are making sure, that the driver’s compliance with the statutory driving times and rest periods.

Meet Our Team

Thomas "The Boss" König

He takes care that the whole company is running smoothly, and solves every problem that may arise

Sabrina König

The good soul and the mistress of number for the company. She takes care of the bookkeeping.

Patrick Martin

Our dispatcher Patrick will guarantee personal that your bus will reach your destination in time.